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Carriers Registration

Carriers Registration, Do you have many companies but have difficulty paying bills because of how long it takes some companies to pay you? Do you have a solid team of controllers available, but keep up with the latest technologies, regardless of regulations, such as ELD?


At Westcoast Enterprise LLC, we understand that moving the load is only half the challenge. That’s why we offer tools and services to complement your operations and help you grow your business and stay ahead of the game. At Westcoast Enterprise LLC, our operators are as important as our customers. Why? Because you are the most essential part of our business, and we try to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Sign up through our carriers registration online.

Carriers Registration

Many carriers that move our cargo will tell you that they like to transport loads for Westcoast Enterprise LLC. They like the friendly family atmosphere that is part of the culture here. Because they became a part of our team through our carriers registration, and they like to interact with a team of people who are always willing to help in any way they can. Unparalleled in this industry, You can not find that everywhere.

We inform you of our administrative benefits for you.


We pay net 30 days once we receive your invoice and supporting documentation.

Be sure to include the following information and documents:


Delivery number

Signed BOL / POD



No more waiting for checks by mail Checks are not lost by mail

Direct funds to your account Safer payment method No charge for PTLS for this service.

Quick Pay Program

Westcoast Enterprise LLC, offers the following quick pay program, in addition to the normal 3-day pay period. For your convenience, Westcoast Enterprise will pay carriers via EFS within 48 hours of receiving the original paperwork, for a minimum processing fee.

To ensure the security (chain of possession) of your company’s payment, Westcoast Enterprise LLC will issue carriers an EFS card. The carrier can set up the Comdata card and access settlement funds to wire into your company bank account.

Payment Processing

Note: Our billing department requires the following upon delivery of a load:

A signed rate confirmation

A company invoice that includes the total amount due as well as the remit to address

All ORIGINAL delivery bills of lading, signed by the customer, without any notation of damage, shortage or delay, copies of permits, lumper receipts and any other paperwork needed for reimbursement.


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