Dry Freight Trucking


Dry Freight Trucking, a large beautiful modern classic-modern red truck with a high cab and trailer on a flat stretch of highway on a background of snow-capped mountain ranges, drowning in the clouds and clear blue sky

At Westcoast Enterprise we have a team who will advise and recommend exactly which type of truck and/or trailer equipment that is best for your particular shipment. Trailer specifications and configurations are standard in the industry with vans measuring either 48 ‘L x 96 “/ 102” W or 53’ L x 102 “W.

It is essential to know the inside dimensions of a trailer to ensure that your shipment will fit properly. The following dry van illustrations will help you understand a few of the fundamentals.

freight moversWestcoast Enterprise LLC can handle your dry freight shipments either on a Full Truckload (FTL) or Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) basis. Businesses with dry freight to ship will often unknowingly contact truckload carriers and pay a Truckload price even though their particular shipment in question may not fill up an entire trailer. With LTL pricing your partial truckload shipment can be priced well below Truckload pricing by sharing the cost with other partial shipments.

For example, Westcoast Enterprise LLC may have a partial truckload going from San Francisco to Atlanta, and you may have a shipment that needs to be transported from San Francisco to Memphis. By filling a 53′ Dry Van with both shipments, you can save a great deal of money because you won’t be paying a truckload price.

At West Coast Enterprise, we offer an extensive network of pre-qualified dry freight carriers to ensure you will be matched with the optimal carrier for your transport needs. Need to move your dry freight anywhere across North America? West Coast Enterprise has you covered. Our trucking services are available throughout the continental United States; lending you greater access to move dry goods across more destinations.


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