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Flatbed Trucking

So here are a few points to consider in regards to flatbed shipping companies and flatbed trailers:

  1. Flatbed Trucking, shipping truly is directly connected to the weather. In many parts of the country, it is a seasonal business (depending on what’s being hauled).

Flatbed Trucking, Even though they are ubiquitous, and have many uses you need options (other trailer types). One of the issues that smaller flatbed shipping companies have been maintaining a healthy workload during the slower times of the year. This can be especially true in areas with large amounts of rain, snow, and/or ice.

Flatbed Trucking

  1. Flatbed Trucking, If you were to break down just how different types of trailers are there, it will honestly surprise you. There are industry related experts who are still learning this! The flatbed model of the trailer has over 14 different types! The average person has seen most of these but did not realize it.

The ones usually seen are the ‘standard’ flatbed or the step/drop (even the double drop deck). The nice thing about a step deck is that they can handle a lot of workshop loads of either box/van or the average flatbed. A couple of nice features are that they are easier to load and unload (often having a ramp).

  1. Flatbed Trucking, It is very common for flatbed shipping companies to carry things that are hard to load and unload with a proper dock or bay. They often deliver directly to construction sites, manufacturing companies, or other specialty drops (solar panels, lumberyards, etc.)


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